Writing a thesis is the most important thing for the students of the last year of study. For many, it is the biggest nightmare, for others, porridge with milk. Depending on the individual predispositions of each magistrant. At the beginning of the adventure with work, everyone is obliged to choose the subject of the work, as well as to draw up the outline of this work. Students, especially those very ambitious, tend to choose difficult topics with a fairly extensive research part. In the meantime, it turns out that this type of ambition is a completely superfluous matter. It consists of several issues, first and foremost, the diploma thesis goes to the archives, few students decide to publish their diploma theses, even fewer participate in competitions for the best work. In practice, it turns out that the best option is to choose a topic to which you can find a number of literature on the basis of which you can develop a selected topic. Similarly, the case looks like in the case of elaboration and the choice of own research methodology. Of course, you can ambitiously choose the subject of a survey on a sample of a thousand people while studying the behavior of society in extreme conditions.

There is no doubt that students should first of all be guided by practical considerations when choosing the subject of the thesis and when developing their own research. Why should students adopt such an assumption? If students are too ambitious to approach the final task entrusted to them during their studies, it may turn out that they are unable to cope with the task they have asked themselves. Promoters often forget how difficult it is to conduct fully professional research, even the most ambitious students are not able to cope with such tasks. It should therefore be possible for students to complete projects – writing diploma theses at a level adequate to the level of education and available materials.