Writing a doctoral dissertation – training for PhD students

We cordially invite you to participate in the training conference for PhD students in the field of writing a doctoral dissertation. The training consists of two parts: lecture and workshop. Both expose the theoretical and empirical aspects of the preparation of a doctoral dissertation. Detailed program and registration for training here.

The main question to ask is: why do I write a PhD?

Internal and external motivation – psychological aspects

The reasons for wanting to write a doctoral thesis may result from internal or external motivation. Internal motivation in this case is conditioned by passion, predispositions to scientific work. PhD student who pursues his doctoral studies with passion and is active in science is often noticed in the academic environment. It is said about him. He comments on his activity. He is a man who has an idea for himself, you do not have to be especially directed, which does not mean that he does not need support. However, it is clear that the unit wants to examine the problem, make new arrangements, describe them. The category of doctoral students vibrates, motivated persons to write a dissertation with external factors (eg the prospect of obtaining a better place of employment, higher salaries). Both of these motivations can of course go hand in hand. The problem will arise when the external motivation is above the internal motivation. If writing a doctoral dissertation is not satisfying, do not force yourself to write. It will be “a path through torment”. The doctorate will not be written in a few hours. Each stage associated with the preparation of a doctoral thesis is extremely time-consuming. The dedication of one’s own time starts from the stage of recruitment to doctoral studies. You must prepare for the interview. Go for it with some idea, concept and idea for yourself as a man who wants to write a doctorate. Much is being said about the devaluation of the PhD degree. In fact, many people undertake doctoral studies, even ending them …, but few doctors open the doctoral thesis. Similarly, a maximum of a few people per year approaches the defense (sometimes one in a dozen or so).

Interest in the subject – an important factor of success

The subject of the doctoral dissertation can not be accidental. This should be an issue that the PhD student really is interested in, which fascinates in some way. Doctoral student, not a promoter. The promoter is selected under the topic, not the topic under the promoter. It should also be remembered that the supervisor’s care over a PhD student has a different character than the supervisor’s care over a graduate student or a graduate. The supervisor of the doctoral dissertation is rather “not carrying a hand”. Its main task is to comment on the submitted content, suggesting conceptual changes (if they are wrong), monitoring the progress of scientific work. The second issue is the availability of materials on a given subject (in English and foreign literature), i.e. exploiting the problem in the literature of the topic. The theoretical part of the doctorate should be based on literature, document the views of other authors. This is important from the point of view of demonstrating knowledge of the subject matter, fluency of a given issue, discernment in various concepts and points of view. In general, the ability to prepare a doctoral dissertation is strongly conditioned psychologically. Among others these issues will be discussed at the doctoral training conference.